About the Rock Garden Beach development

The Mae Phim area is becoming more and more popular with westerners each year, and thus the demand for properties is on the increase. Whilst to some extent this demand is served by new house/condo projects which are being constructed in the area, the best bargains to be had with the most upside capital investment potential, as well as arguably the best percentage rental return income, are found on the mature developments which are seeing a transition from the original Thai owners to new owners (westerner and Thai) who are keen to refurbish their property to “as new” condition. This process enhances the appearances of the properties at the location and thus makes the location a more attractive buy, and thereby also helps to raise prices.

Rock Garden Beach Mae Phim Area Thailand’s Golden Coast Eastern Seaboard Thailand

Rock Garden Beach is one of the largest mature developments in the area, comprising a total of some 250 houses on a true oceanside resort estate with a clubhouse and poolside restaurant and 2 communal swimming pools. The private estate currently has some of the best value for money property with the highest upside potential for your investment, especially when one considers the proximity to the ocean and the high cost of ocean side land nowadays.

But apart from this the development is very spacious. Many of the houses have plot sizes of a 1/4 Rai or more, which is more than most new developments can afford to provide for developments near to the beach/ocean, and the project also has acres of land near the ocean being devoted to a beautifully landscaped tropical oceanside park for all to enjoy. But a unique attraction to the development is the series of tidal canals which lead to the ocean, alongside which many of the houses are located, offering residents wonderful open views over water.

Another factor which is sure to have a positive effect on prices is the plan to construct 3 new condo towers in the eastern corner of the estate (away from the housing estate). Compared to the price of the new condo units many of the houses will no doubt appear cheap in comparison, and thus this factor is expected to raise the value of the houses on the estate as the condo development comes to fruition over the next couple of years or so. In conjunction with the planned new condo development money will be spent on repairing and improving the infrastructure and communal facilities, and enhancing the beach area by dredging more sand to form a wider and deeper beach adjacent to the main swimming pool area.

Clubhouse and Poolside Restaurant
– Office/Reception
– Snooker Room
– Karaoke Room
– Meeting Room/Conference Facilities
– Poolside Restaurant
– 2nd Floor Function Room

Swimming Pools
– Main Pool
– Small Pool

Tropical Ocean Side Park
– A maze of paths throughout the palm trees
– Lake

Private Slipway
– Wide slipway for launching boats and jet skis
– Large turning circle for cars with trailor

– A series of tidal canals provide open views over water for many of the houses on the estate

There’s currently a total of 250 houses on the estate, plus a few empty plots, and the estate is divided into zones A, B, C, D, E and F, with zones B and F being nearest to the sea and the ocean side park.

The following image illustrates the location of the houses.

Rock Garden Beach Housing Estate Plan

Rock Garden Beach Housing Estate Plan

Originally the houses consisted of a limited number of standard designs for 2 and 3 bedroom houses, with mirror images of each design, however, there are now many examples of modifications to the original design which have improved and enhanced the original accommodation, and which is adding variety and character to the estate.

The standard designs are illustrated below :

(images to be included here)

Within the original scope of the project (the appearance of single storey dwellings) it is possible, with the management’s approval, to modify the existing houses to improve and enhance the original design. There are now several examples on the estate where the original house has been modified and extended to increase the accommodation and enhance the value of the property, adding larger living space and additional bedrooms.

(example photos to be included here)

New Condo Project :

A new condo project is planned for the existing Rock Garden Beach site, located near the clubhouse in the Eastern corner of the development, and this should bring in significant revenue which will be of benefit to the project as a whole, including the existing property owners, who are likely to benefit indirectly not only from the enhancements to the site, but also perhaps by way of the increased value of their properties. For more details please click on the New Condo Project menu item.

Repair and improvement of infrastructure and communal facilities :

The Rock Garden Beach project was constructed in the early 1990s and as such is spacious and charming, with a number of roads and a series of tidal canals running throughout the estate, a large ocean side park with beautiful tropical gardens and a maze of pathways, and two ocean side swimming pools to enjoy. Electricity, telephone lines, water supply and water drainage also run throughout the development and as well as the facilities these all require maintenance to keep them in good working order. Whilst the monthly maintenance fees paid by the home owners help to cover the costs of much of the maintenance of the facilities and infrastructure, there is occasional repair work which needs to be done, without which such aspects fall into disrepair. Thus, monthly maintenance fees need to be kept in step with the increasing cost of labour and materials, and also need to provide towards any major repair work which needs to be done periodically in order that the grounds and facilities do not fall into a state of disrepair.

It is hoped that the new condo project will also help to bring some enhancements to the project, and lead to greater monthly revenue for maintenance of the grounds and facilities in the future. For example, one possible improvement for the project is for the beach area, to make it both wider and deeper, providing a more useful and attractive beach adjacent to the main swimming pool and surrounding gardens.